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November 06, 2023

How Can ISVs Choose a Payments Partner During M&A Activity?

As an independent software vendor (ISV), you choose a payments partner so you can integrate – or plan to integrate – payments with your solution. With this integration, you give your clients greater back-office efficiency and the ability to res...

September 06, 2023

The Long Game: Payment Processor Consistently Expands Services

Some might say that a founder and CEO of a company with 1,000 sales partners should not be selling and installing new merchant accounts, as Michael Nardy does on occasion. Nardy, founder and CEO of Electronic Payments, Inc. (EPI), knows how to ...

April 03, 2023

How SMBs Can Fight the Fraud Threats of Remote Work

Michael Nardy, founder and CEO of Electronic Payments, explains why SMBs often must lean on the expertise of a trusted fraud solutions partner to protect the payments they receive.

May 23, 2022

Valor PayTech Integrations with EPI Platform Underway

Valor PayTech, a fast-growing fintech provider of end-to-end, processor-agnostic omnichannel payments solutions, today announced platform integrations with Electronic Payments Inc. (EPI), are currently underway. Valor strives to provide reselle...

November 30, 2021

Electronic Payments Is Now a Point of Sale Partner in Juul Labs’ Retail Access Control Standards (RACS) Program

Electronic Payments, a leading point of sale (POS) provider to small businesses across the country, is pleased to announce it is a Juul Labs point of sale partner. To mitigate underage use of Juul products, Juul Labs is partnering with retailer...

October 26, 2021

Technology Gives This Payments Company Its Edge

As a self-taught computer programmer, Michael Nardy was not your typical 19-year-old. In 1998, the Boston College student started selling custom software programs for online businesses but realized he needed to connect them to a transaction pro...

August 11, 2021

Exatouch® Point of Sale’s Recent Updates Introduce New, In-Demand Features and Capabilities

Electronic Payments, a leading point of sale provider to businesses across the country, is continuously developing its proprietary point of sale system, Exatouch®. With the latest software release and other updates, merchants can now...

March 30, 2021

Electronic Payments Enhances Exatouch® Point of Sale’s Checkout Experience with New Touchscreen Customer Facing Display

Electronic Payments, a leading payments and point of sale (POS) provider, has enhanced its proprietary Exatouch® POS offerings with the addition of a touchscreen customer facing display (CFD). Supplying numerous benefits to businesse...

February 24, 2021

Exatouch® Point of Sale’s Latest Software Release Debuts Key Enhancements for Merchants

Electronic Payments, an industry leader in payment processing and point of sale (POS), is continuously developing and enhancing its proprietary POS solution, Exatouch. Inclusive of feedback from Electronic Payments’ merchant and agent par...

January 26, 2021

Electronic Payments Gives Boost to Small Businesses with Free Exatouch® Point of Sale Programs

Electronic Payments, a leading payments and point of sale (POS) provider, has always been committed to helping small businesses expand and grow with their innovative solutions that are developed and supported in house. With this latest announce...